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Geil Automatic Damper System
Geil Automatic Damper System
The microprocessor controller is the main controller of the system, responsible for time, temperature and atmosphere of a kiln firing. It reads the temperature by means of a thermocouple mounted on the back wall protruding into the interior of the kiln. The microprocessor then processes the pre-programmed parameters (ramp & soak segments) and adjusts the output signal to the proportioning valve located on the valve train. Depending on the call for heat from the microprocessor, the proportioning valve will vary the amount of gas reaching the burners. The kiln is also equipped with an oxygen probe located just below the thermocouple. Reading the atmosphere of the kiln via the oxygen probe, the microprocessor sends a signal to the damper motor which then adjusts the damper automatically to control the atmosphere. By programming the microprocessor's parameters with time and temperature, the kiln can be fired by ramping to a set point within a particular time frame. This ramp time plus a soak time is one segment. The microprocessor contains four ramp soak segments making up what is called a firing profile. This profile is stored in the microprocessor's non-volatile memory. The microprocessor contains two operating modes, AUTO and MANUAL. These pre-programmed firing profiles can be operated by the AUTO mode. The kiln can also be fired manually by the microprocessor controller. Our auto-damper system is PC controlled using a windows based program that is very easy to operate and hook up. All the parameters from the controller are displayed on your computer screen, making it easier to update and change your firing profiles. The program takes about 5 megabytes of space on your hard disk. There are no major upgrades needed for you to install and connect the microprocessor program. The microprocessor program offers remote station firing capabilities. The microprocessor controller is equipped with a high limit alarm. The high limit alarm will shut the kiln down once the kiln hits the high limit temperature. The damper is automatically closed to prevent any thermal shock. lf there is any disruption of gas or flame failure, the flame safety system will automatically shut the kiln down. Our auto-damper system is backed by a CSA (Canadian Standard Association) certification meeting the required safety standards for gas appliances. A thermocouple is a temperature reading devise made up of two dissimilar metals that when heated produce a thermoelectric current. The speed of the current increases as the temperature increases.
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