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Manganese Dioxide (325 mesh) - 1 lb.
MnO2. (100% MnO2) When added to terra cotta bodies in amounts around 5% manganese dioxide will produce dark gray to black firing bodies. Large amounts of manganese can produce metallic effects in a glaze. However, these glazes must not be used on food surfaces. Above 1080C, half of the oxygen disassociates to produce MnO, a flux that immediately reacts with silica to produce violet colors in the absence of alumina, browns in its presence. Thus if it is being used in glazes fired below 1080C it should be considered as MnO2, if above it should be taken as 81.5 MnO and 18.5 LOI. In glazes it will behave in a refractory manner, stiffening the melt. Because to the expulsion of oxygen at 1080C, glazes using manganese should avoid this temperature range to reduce the chance of blistering and ruining of the glaze surface. Thus while generically it is pure MnO2 the actual name-brand materials may only be 75% MnO2. Manganese browns have a different, often more pleasant character than iron browns. Source: Digital Fire. Kiln Fumes are toxic.
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