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F  Series Stilt - F9H
F Series Stilt - F9H
The height is 2" and the point to point distance is 2". Volume pricing of 1 dozen-$23.28 is available at checkout. Net Wt. is .28 lbs.
Price: $2.42

F Series Stilt - F10H
F Series Stilt - F10H
The height is 3" and the point to point distance is 1.125". Volume pricing of 1 dozen-$31.68 is available at checkout. Net Wt. is .53 lbs.
Price: $3.29

Firemate Thumbwheel Motor


Used in Dawson Kiln Sitters for Skutt KS models and Cress FX and B model kilns. Ship wt. is .6 lbs.
Price: $68.00

G Series Stilt - G1P
G Series Stilt - G1P
The height is 1.25". The G Series Stilts are designed for delicate pieces, bells, animal heads, etc. These stilts are composed of high temperature clay that can be fired to 2400F. They withstand repeated firings and rugged treatment. The points are made of the finest metal alloys. Volume pricing of 1 dozen-$9.84 is available at checkout. Net Wt. is .022 lbs.
Price: $1.02

G Series Stilt - G2P
G Series Stilt - G2P
The height is 1.5". Volume pricing of 1 dozen-$11.04 is available at checkout. Net Wt. is .062 lbs.
Price: $1.14

G Series Stilt - G3P
G Series Stilt - G3P
The height is 2.25". Volume pricing of 1 dozen-$21.84 is available at checkout. Net Wt. is .093 lbs.
Price: $2.27

Gas Pressure Guage - Inches of Water
Gas Pressure Guage - Inches of Water
0-15 inches of water & 0-3.7 Kilopascals pressure range. 1/8" male, normal pipe thread fitting. Metal body with clear plastic face. Ship Wt. is .4 lbs.
Price: $59.00

Geil   Vent Package 802
Geil Vent Package 802
Fits Model 802 front loading kilns. Venting Packages are custom designed to fit each specific kiln model. Packages include Draft hood with mounting brackets, Collar, Vent Pipe, Roof Jack, Storm Collar, and Cap. All kits are gravity type venting. Standard material is galvanized sheet steel. Stainless steel quoted upon request. Fire buckets optional at extra cost. Vent Pipe length and structural variations are accounted for through a Venting Checklist.
Price: $1997.00

Geil  802 Natural Draft Kiln - Natural Gas


Temperature Range is 0-2400F. 4 burners. 130,000 BTU. Maximum Gas Consumption is 118 CFM. Minmum Gas Pressure is 4 inches water column. Gas line inlet is 1/2". Inside volume is 11 cubic ft. Setting Space is 8 cubic ft. Inside Dimensions are 25"w x 22"d x 35"h. Uses 2-10" x 20" or 1-20" x 20" shelves per layer. Outside Dimensions are 35"w x 40"d x 59"h. Electronic flame safety, 100% Shut Off. Push button automatic spark ignition. Manual control valve. 0-15" water column pressure gauge. DD-1 digital, solid state, electronic controller which functions as a high-limit, on/off soaking controller. ETL (InterTek) Certified. Ship wt. is 633 lbs.
Price: $9051.00

Geil DD-1 RP Controller
This is an upgrade of the DD-1 Controller. The DD-1 is a high limit, on-off solid state electronic controller with a digital read out and digital set point temperature from 0 to 2500F. When the controller is set at the High Limit position, it will automatically shut the kiln off at the set point temperature. The on-off position functions as a soaking controller, holding the temperature at the set point temperature plus or minus 5 degrees. The DD-1 RP Controller has additional features of a single ramp to set point temperature and soak and a proportional control.
Price: $1957.00

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