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Lithium Carbonate - 1 lb.
LiCO3. (40.74% Li2O) Lithium Carbonate is the best source of lithium oxide for glazes. It is slightly soluble. It is unusual to see more than 5% lithium carbonate in glaze. Because of the low expansion of Li2O, high lithium glazes tend to shiver. Lithium exhibits many properties that are similar to the more common alkali metals sodium and potassium. In many respects is also shows similarities to the elements of the alkaline earth group, especially magnesium. In addition to being soluble, lithium carbonate produces gases as it decomposes and these can cause pinholes or blisters in glazes. Source: Digital Fire. Lithium Carbonate does not occur as a natural material, but is prepared from lithium ores such as lepidolite, petalite, spodumene, and amblygonite. When fired, Lithium Carbonate decomposes to become the oxide lithia and carbon dioxide. Only 40% of the carbonate is Lithia. Source: The Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques.
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