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Firing Accessories

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Skutt  Analog Pyrometer - Type K
Skutt Analog Pyrometer - Type K
If you are ordering a KilnSitter kiln you may want to equip it with a Skutt Analog Pyrometer. A pyrometer will let you know what the temperature of the kiln chamber is throughout the entire firing. This is especially helpful to know when you are firing glass, heat treating metal or troubleshooting your kiln. The pyrometer comes complete with a MI Cable Type K thermocouple and all the mounting hardware needed. 0-2500F type K thermocouple with wall mounted meter. Ship wt. is 2 lbs.
Price: $150.00

Skutt  Dual Input Digital Pyrometer - Type K
Skutt Dual Input Digital Pyrometer - Type K
This Pyrometer comes with a Type K thermocouple, thermocouple mounting block, 5 feet of thermocouple wire, and a pyrometer flange for mounting the thermocouple to the kiln. The Pyrometer comes with a case that can be mounted to the wall. It also has a flip out back so that it can be set on a table or shelf. Since it is Dual Input, you can purchase an additional thermocouple package and monitor two kilns. It even remembers the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded in a firing. It is rated to Cone 10 with a plus or minus 0.4% of reading accuracy. Ship wt. is 1 lb.
Price: $155.00

Skutt Peep Hole Plug
Skutt Peep Hole Plug
Cast high fire porcelain. Ship wt. is .2 lbs.
Price: $4.50

Stacking Tile Holder
Stacking Tile Holder
Light weight design and economical solution to firing any size tile. Point to point is 2". This stilt is composed of high temperature clay that can be fired to 2400F. They withstand repeated firings and rugged treatment. Set of 4 tile holders is $8.60 and can be purchased at checkout. Net Wt. is .09 lbs.
Price: $2.25

Stilt Set - Large


Contains 6 each of: A-0, A-1, A-2, A-4, A-6, D3B, D4B and 3 each of: A-8, A-10 and 2 each of: B2x9, B4x6, B6x12, F6H and 1 each of: B10x15, C12x15, C14x9, and E2s. Net Wt. is 3.08 lbs.
Price: $105.00

Stilt Set - Small


Contains 3 each of: A-00, A-0, A-1, A-2, A-4, A-6, D3B, D4B, and 1 each of: A-8, A-10, B2x9, B4x6, B6x12, E2S, E6S, and F6H. Net Wt. is 1.36 lbs.
Price: $58.00

Thermal Ceramics K-23 Soft Bricks - Case of 12 - 9" Straights
Thermal Ceramics K-23 Soft Bricks - Case of 12 - 9" Straights
Only sold as a case of 12. 2300F, fireclay insulating soft bricks. 9" x 4.5" x 2.5". Fired Analysis: SiO2-44%, Al2O3-39%, CaO-16%, Fe2O3-.4%, TiO2-1.5%, MgO-.1%, Na2O-.4%. Density is 33.5 lbs./cubic foot. Modulus of rupture is 120 lbs./sq. inch. Thermal Conductivity at 2400F is 0. Melting point is 2750F. Service temperature is 2300F. PCF is cone 31. Prefered by jewelers for posting of soldered pieces because of it's softness. Ship Wt. is 25 lbs.
Price: $72.00

Thermocouple wire - Type K - per linear foot
Thermocouple wire - Type K - per linear foot
2-20 gauge solid wires with FEP insulation wrapped in a FEP brown jacket. Positive wire color is yellow, negative is red. No eyelet fasteners. FEP insulation has a temperature range up to 400F and has excellent insulating properties. FEP is fluorinated ethylene propylene. Net Wt. is .014 lbs.
Price: $2.49

Tile Stand
Tile Stand
Designed to hold up to 5 tiles, vertically or horizontally. $22.08 for a set of 4 is available at checkout.
Price: $5.77

UVEX Kiln Viewing Goggles - 1 pair
UVEX Kiln Viewing Goggles - 1 pair
Black Frame SH 3.0 Lens. Infra-Dura Lens. High Impact Protector. Ship Wt. is .4 lbs.
Price: $17.50

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