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Mayco - AC-512 - True Gloss Spray - 12 oz.
Mayco - AC-512 - True Gloss Spray - 12 oz.
Spray applied to wet acrylic can cause the color to bleed if applied too heavily. For the final coating of sealer, allow the piece to dry a day or two as moisture can be trapped into the spray sealer. The final sealing coat is two to three light coats of the desired spray. A set coat can be applied with a sealer while work is in progress. Apply one very light coat; just enough to set the color for further decoration. Either Porcelain Mist or Matte Spray is preferred. When spraying, the distance from the ware should be 10 to 12 inches. Refer to the label for any noted difference in this distance. Spraying from a greater distance can cause the tiny droplets of sealer to dry before they come into contact with the piece. Holding the can too close can cause runs, drips and discoloration in the final coating. For best results, spray at room temperature (70 F-75 F) and do not spray in high humidity areas. The humidity in the air can be trapped in the layers of the sprayed surfaces producing a cloudy look and should be taken into consideration when using. Use sprays only in a well-ventilated area. A spray booth should be designed with enough air draft to pull the overspray away from the user and large enough to keep it off other objects. While there is no immediate danger from using spray sealers, as a precautionary measure a respirator should be used. This will also insure no escaping sealer fumes are breathed. If a spray booth is not used, a window should be opened to remove any fumes. Do not spray in drafty areas. Spraying outside is acceptable, taking into consideration the humidity and any wind while in use. Excessive wind can cause the spray to blow back into your face instead of onto your piece. The air temperature should be noted as temperatures of more than 85 F or less than 70 F will give poor results.
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